Alien Animal


This odd, monkey-like animal is thought to be one ofthe original natives of a engineered world, either from before it was terraformed or as part of a terraforming plan. It was believed extinct for centuries until a colony was discovered in the forests of northem Malador. Many have been bred in captivity since then, and the face has become popular as pets (especially in monasteries). Many more are believed to exist in the wild.


They have white fur and long prehensile tails are also furred, often displaying gray or silver stripes. Their skin is blue, especially visible on their furless faces, and their four eyes are red (two rows, one atop the other). While the top row somewhat aids peripheral vision, the bottom row is capable of powerful night vision (the phantoms often closes these eyes during the day or under bright lights) .


They are friendly and trainable, behaving somewhat like Terran koala bears in most respects. However, they have no known predator. Even predators introduced into the Pentateuch wilds seem disinclined to hunt them, adding to the phantoms’ mystique.


They can be trained in simple sign language, understanding and capable of communicating simple concepts such as “danger,” “hunger,” “hurt,” “fun,” etc.


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