Space Vehicles (TL10)

Space Vehicles list all the vessels that can travel within space larger than a person.

Air Vehicles (TL 10)

Air Vehicles are most things that travel through the air, and a couple limited mobility space ‘vehicles’.

Ground Vehicles (TL 9-10)

Ground Vehicles move along the ground, or travel just above it.

Water Vehicles (TL 9)

Water vehicles includes an assortment of watercraft, from personal ones up to yacht’s and full sized subs.

Consumer Goods (TL 9-10)

This is a brief list of odds-and-ends that might be found in the hands or on the body of the average person.

Communications, Sensors, and Media (TL 10)

This chapter describes communicators, information recording, entertainment and sensor technology, as well as a variety of personal gear.

Tools and Supplies (TL 9-10)

Advanced tools and materials are described including essential equipment for use at home or in the field.

Covert and Security Devices )TL 9-10)

This section covers gadgets intended for law enforcement, secret agents, criminals, and special ops teams… although as technology advances, many of these gadgets may also be used by ordinary citizens to maintain their own security.

Personal Weapons (TL 9-10)

This section lists the variety of small arms one may find in the solar system. Particularly during and after the Fall weapons have taken on a life of their own. Most people own some form of protection, though only the various military groups have the big stuff.

Heavy Weapons (TL 9-10)

This section contains the various mounted or artillery type weapons of the modern battlefield. Most are not normally man portable, however cybernetics and battlesuits make them within the reach of many infantry.

Grenades (TL 9-10)
  • Smart Grenades, Ultra-Tech page 147
  • Saucer Grenades, Ultra-Tech page 148
  • Limpet Mines, Ultra-Tech page 148
Weapon Accessories (TL 10)

These are the common and not so common accessories to the weapons of today.

Warheads and Ammo (TL 9-10)

The default warhead for guns and missiles is an inert metal projectile, such as a jacketed lead slug. However, most ultra-tech weapons routinely fire more sophisticated (and deadly) rounds.

Biochemical and Nanotech Weapons (TL 9-10)

This section presents the gases and drugs most commonly used in combat, including lethal and nonlethal biochemical weapons, as well as chemical obscurants.

Melee and Thrown Weapons (TL 10)

No matter how advanced ranged weapons become, there will be times and places – stealthy assassinations, boarding actions, riot control, or just a startown brawl – where hand-to-hand combat cannot be avoided.

Body Armor and Protective Gear (TL 9-10)

Defenses and weapons compete in a constant arms race. As weapons become more deadly, stronger and more effective defenses are developed to protect against them… leading to more powerful weapons.

Defense Systems (Tl 9-10)

There is more to defense than just heavy armor. These are a variety of specialized systems, some designed to be integrated into suits, others for use on their own.

Medical and Biotech (TL 10-11)

This section describes the equipment and technologies used to heal or modify living things… including replacement of some or all of their biological parts with machines.


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