After a long war against the Aliens and lead by the Resistance, the Aliens were forced back off the Earth. However things didn’t simply settle down, Arcologists and Resistance did not get along so well. More than a generation had grown up in both cultures by the end. While life under the Aliens wasn’t so great for Arcologists, they had a power system that had nothing to do with the Resistance and resented them for trying to intrude on their system. The Resistance in turn didn’t tend to like living inside the Arcologies and instead moved to rebuild the abandoned cities. However the tension didn’t really go away. The next two decades were chaotic and small conflicts occurred between the two groups.

Other things caused increased this tension. The concepts of early transhumanism from the previous generation were expanded and anyone with the money to do so had gene tailored bodies and basic mesh gear implants, at least within the Arcologies and among the Dynasty/Cabal. The former Resistance members however tended to avoid it and lived much simpler lives. Eventually these techniques were picked up even by the Resistance, but the goal of them tended to be very different. Dynasty/Cabal had already been working on transhuman genetic techniques and cybernetics and the Arcologists had simply caught up with them during the gap.

The Tower of Babel and the Quantum Gates became another issue. While certain forces gave the Tower to a Resistance group, and split the Gates up between the Dynasty/Cabal, Resistance, and Arcologists, this balance was tenuous at best. No one really wanted to make use of the Gates after the first result. In the end the former Resistance were the ones who decided to risk it first, helped by the knowledge in the Tower. They soon realized that the original locations on the Colony Worlds that the Gates were connected to, were in fact now sealed to them from the other side. However these Gates could be opened elsewhere, but the locations have proved hard to lock down.

The former Resistance, now called the ‘ Rangers’, were also the ones to start exploring space. They colonized the Earths moon, Mars, and several other moons. To add to the chaos it was discovered that the Aliens still had a presence in the system, but not the resources to retake Earth. Instead they had facilities on several planets in the system with limited ship resources. All their big ships had been sent to Earth during the last days of the conflict. The Rangers started hunting for these facilities and destroying them as they expanded.

At that point the other factions started their own expansion. The Corporations claimed several colonies within the solar system as did the Cabal. Soon the solar system was split up among the many different groups. They soon realized to continue expanding they needed to leave the system. With the Quantum Gates unreliable, efforts began to create interstellar starships and finally those efforts have begun to pay off. All three factions have created fairly small scout vessels to go out into the galaxy and explore new regions.

Things have not always gone so well however, Many previously Ranger outposts have run into troubles with the Consortium. Usually the Rangers incur fees from Consortium Corporations that they end up not being able to pay, often due to the influence of the corporations involved. Olympus on Mars was one such location. The Rangers made use of the help of a corporation that named itself the Olympus Infrastructure Authority (OIA) to help construct the facilities of Olympus and the space elevator. However the Rangers had intended fees to pay for their services, the OIA manipulated the transportation market through the help of the other members of the Consortium and made the fees coming from the space elevator a nearly useless resource for the Rangers. When the Rangers couldn’t pay up the OIA invaded Olympus and took control, evicting anyone they felt was not worth keeping and forcing most of the existing population into indentured servitude to pay back the debt.

Technology of Aftermath


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